Portra 400 Film Emulation Lightroom Preset

Portra 400 Film Emulation Lightroom Preset

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Want all the Kodak looks? Check out the Kodak Film Emulation Collection.

This Lightroom preset transforms a digital image to make it look like Portra 400 Film.

What in the Pack:

- 7 Portra 400 Lightroom presets

- Film halation photoshop action

- User manual and preset breakdown guide

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Each profile has be precisely calibrated by matching a digital sample image to an actual image shot on Portra 400.

Sometimes simple is better. You don't need dozens of other presets to make your images look like film, trust these to do the job.

While each preset is already set to emulate the look of Portra 400, all the settings are fully customizable, and the breakdown guide teaches you what each parameter is doing to the image.

All film image examples below are unedited images straight from a Noritsu HS-1800, an industry standard scanner.

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Portra 400 - warm preset

Portra 400 - preset

Portra 400 - Reds Preset

Halation Effect

Portra 400 - Cool Effect