Ilford HP5+ Film Emulation Lightroom Preset

Ilford HP5+ Film Emulation Lightroom Preset

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This Lightroom preset transforms a digital image to look like Ilford HP5+ film.

What in the Pack:

- 6 HP5+ Lightroom presets

- Film blur Photoshop action

- Film bloom Photoshop action

- User manual and preset breakdown guide

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While each preset is already set to emulate the look of HP5+, all the settings are fully customizable, and the breakdown guide teaches you what each parameter is doing to the image.

All film image examples below are unedited images straight from a Noritsu HS-1800, an industry standard scanner.

If you want the all the F.i.F. presets check out the Film Emulation Preset Collection.

HP5+ under preset

hp5+ preset

hp5+ shadows preset

hp5+ dark preset

hp5+ dark preset