Film Emulation Preset Collection

Film Emulation Preset Collection

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This is the complete collection of Film Emulation presets.

What in the collection:

-  Kodak Collection Lightroom presets

CineStill Collection Lightroom presets

- Fujifilm Collection Lightroom presets

- Ilford Collection presets

- 7 Phoenix 200 Lightroom presets

- Film halation Photoshop actions

- Film blur Photoshop actions

- Film bloom Photoshop action

- User manual and preset breakdown guide

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Check out the individual emulation products' pages to see more before and after results!

Portra 400 Preset

Kodak Gold Preset

Ektar 100 Preset

Ektachrome 100 Preset

cinestill 50d preset

cinestill 400d preset

Halation Effect

Provia 100f preset