Film Emulation LUTs Collection

Film Emulation LUTs Collection

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This is the complete collection of Film Emulation LUTs.

What's in the Collection:

- Kodak LUT Collection

- CineStill LUT Collection

- Fujifilm LUT Collection

- Ilford LUT Collection

- 7 Phoenix 200 LUTs

- Installation and use manual

**These LUTs are conversions into the rec709 color space. There are two different versions for each LUT:

1. for footage already in a rec709 color space

2. for footage in Log colorspace

The use manual explains more on how to use each version of LUT**

These LUTs will work in any editing application that supports LUTs. (Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro)

They are based off the F.i.F. Film Emulation Lightroom Presets.

portra 400 luts

Kodak Gold luts

Ektachrome 100 luts

Ektar 100 luts

cinestill 50d luts

cinestill 400d luts

cinestill 800t luts

cinestill BwXX luts

provia 100f luts

Fuji c200 Luts